How do you reposition a business with a unique understanding of the relationship between consumers and wider culture?

You create a highly visual brand identity that helps Tri-Tone make connections with their clients and brands.


The Brief

Highly experienced in creative marketing, Tri-Tone required a fresh ‘look and feel’ that would help propel the brand forward.

From Music, Sport and Fashion to Art, Food and Drink the new brand must appeal to everything they love about culture and creativity.


Our Solution

We successfully revitalised the brand with a bright and exciting identity. At the heart of the brand ethos is the three core values; Collaboration, Strategy and Culture.

We had to make sure that the brand would be flexible enough to grow and evolve with the business. Clear messaging was crucial for helping Tri-Tone to simply and effectively communicate its New offering to a their audience.

The flexible ‘T’ icon is incredibly versatile and has instantly becomes recognisable As part of the brand, helping Tri-Tone reach new audience