AMSAR Soap Company

Create an identity for an ethical luxury brand, who consider every detail.

Amsar Soap Company is passionate about luxurious bath products, focusing on natural properties make soaps that are not only great for helping the skin but are also mood enhancers.

The Brief

Amsar Soap Company was a brand-new start-up and PLW Creative were given the intriguing challenge to create a stunning brand that would encapsulate their vision for the future.

Our Solution

As with many of our projects, we conducted persona research into our audiences, by learning as much as possible about the target audience’s habits and preferences.

Once our research was complete we knew how to begin creating a brand that would help to launch the business to the best of its ability.

Our team developed a brand that instantly makes an impression. The identity perfectly captures the environmentally friendly ethos behind the business and yet is also commercially driven to enable a successful brand launch.